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Are you ready to tackle climate challenges and build stronger communities? Our Co-Create Change Workshops support cities, institutions and companies in developing innovative formats for climate transition through urban space optimisation. Our approach focuses on promoting social resilience and empowering communities to work towards shared interests.

What We Offer

Our workshops can kick-off new projects or enhance ongoing efforts towards achieving social and environmental goals. With extensive experience in resident engagement, corporate partnerships, and municipal projects, we’ve honed methods to:


  • Initiate New Projects: Launch impactful initiatives focused on climate mitigation and adaptation.

  • Enhance Existing Programs: Accelerate current sustainability efforts to achieve social and environmental goals.

  • Overcome Barriers: Navigate bureaucratic hurdles and communication silos to fast-track design and implementation.

Key Benefits
  • Collaborative Problem-Solving: Work with a diverse group of stakeholders to develop creative solutions.

  • Rapid Implementation: Our methods ensure quick progress from idea to action.

  • Strengthened Social Resilience: Build strong, connected communities better prepared to face climate challenges.

Workshop Formats

We offer flexible formats to suit your needs:

  • One-Day Kickoff: Ideal for starting new initiatives.

  • Three-Day Deep-Dive: For in-depth project development.

  • Weekend-Series Design-Build: A hands-on participatory design and implementation workshop.

Contact us to learn more about our co-creation workshops, and let’s work together to support your goals.

Co-Create Change Workshops

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