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PlattenBaum brings food production to underused urban spaces. We put circularity, regeneration, and recreation at the core of the future city. PlattenBaum offers services for the development and implementation of urban agriculture.

The Mini-Biosphere is a transportable, or mobile, greenhouse designed for public space. It demonstrates principles of circularity by collecting rainwater for irrigation, harvesting solar power to circulate the water, and using composting for nutrients and heating. It is the size of a parking space and does not require foundations or connection to infrastructure. This feature allows quick installation on-site for long or short periods in car-free streets, courtyards, parking lots, brownfields, and sites waiting for development. It is a new, decentralized off-grid food production facility that promotes responsible consumption and nutritional awareness.

PlattenBaum Mini-Biosphere Exterior clean.jpg

rbb visited our launch at the Tegel Airport, take a look at their short report:


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